Myths And Truths About The Myth Of Belly Fat

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Myths and truths about the accumulation of belly fat

Reducing straps, weight loss, training, nutrition, among others.
Everyone knows a recipe to lose weight and lose belly fat.
Appeal to compressor belts, clothes that stimulate the sweat around the waist and specific equipment to do crunches are some steps recommended there. But does it take effect?
To take the course, experts in the field have, then, what is myth or truth. 1 - Abdominal exercises decrease the fat and sagging
Myth. If the prominent belly is the result of sagging abdominal exercise makes the muscle back to normal anatomical position and the volume decreases. Now, if the belly is caused by excess fat, the abdominal will not do. The caloric expenditure in abdominal exercises
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Mancini explained that people first get fat on the periphery of the body (under the skin, limbs, buttocks, hips), but they have a genetically determined ability to gain weight in those regions. Once the fat cells in the periphery are filled, begins to be stored fat in the abdomen, both under the skin and inside, in the vessels and organs.
Some people just do not gain weight in the periphery (usually men of slender legs, that when fatten gain weight in the abdomen) and others may gain too much weight on the periphery (usually women hips and oversized thighs, not very get fat in the abdomen). To lose weight, the process is the same. 6 - Walking is better than running to burn belly
Myth. Mancini said that walking is great, but obviously goes further increases caloric expenditure than walking. The race is a more intense exercise that walking and this causes a greater calorie expenditure and consequent weight loss.
Of course it all depends on who is practicing. For the more sedentary, less physical conditioning, running can be a strenuous exercise too much, and the person can not keep enough time for slimming. In this case, walking is most appropriate.
Also in obese and people with problems in the musculoskeletal system, the race may be contraindicated because of the impact, and to walk a good choice (among
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