Myths Are A Valuable Source Of Archetypes Of Human Attitudes

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Myths are a valuable source of archetypes of human attitudes, themes and symbols. Myths not only deepen people’s knowledge about life and beliefs of the ancient Greeks, but also present the image of the contemporary worldview and system of values. They represent attitudes and patterns of timeless values, and raise the universal content. One of the most frequent themes of myths is the context of suffering. Suffering is not onlyt the domain of people, but suffering also affects gods and goddesses. Although Niobe and Demeter belonged to a fellowship of queens and goddesses, just like mortals they had to cope with adversity; they struggled with vices, and suffered pain. Moreover, they were subjected to fate as every human beings.
In mythology mothers were portrayed as a mother-earth and mother giving rise to all lives and mankind. However, sometimes they were presented as those who suffered due to fate’s adversity .Niobe, daughter of Tantalus, the wife of Amphion, proud mother of many children (according to some sources mother of twelve, and according to other sources of fourteen children) demanded the honor equal to the mother of Apollo and Artemis. She did not understand how people can worship Leto who had only two children. Niobe, proud of her motherhood, drew Leto’s wrath on herself. The vengeful Leto complained to her divine children, who in retaliation killed all Niobe’s sons and daughters. Heartbroken Niobe left Thebes, returned to her homeland, and on the top of…
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