Myths, Morals, And Rules

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Life is a series of life lessons, morals, and rules that we all live by and learn through every decision we make. A way these lessons, morals, and rules are shown and told is through myths. A myth is a traditional story from a certain ethnic, religion, place, or culture, and explains how and why things are the way they are. Myths also incorporate a moral, theme, or life lesson, which becomes clear at the end of the story. As a child I’m sure you’ve heard stories from your family whether a more unknown myth or common tale that you got something out of, whether it was learning something new, or something you already knew that simply got reinforced. But if you’re like me, then it’ll take some time before you remember. Once I did remember the…show more content…
Also, my grandpa and Aunty Paning lived in Ilocos Norte, while my grandma lived in Manila, they were 407.64km, 253.31mi apart and they were still told the same myths, with the exception of a few details. Furthermore, another person who has heard this myth from past generations is Sonia Jackson, who was a senior at Tennessee University in 2008. Sonia Jacksons’ grandmother Dr. Natividad Corrales Taboada told her daughter, Maria Jackson, Sonia’s mother, who then told Sonia and her siblings the story. There is also a controversy of whether the myth was created before or after the Spanish invasion, but it’s difficult to know for sure. As you can see this myth is probably very old, to have gone through at least eighty-two years, it could easily have existed for a century. Usually, Filipino myths are passed down through words spoken and are grouped into four main groups. The first are myths that explain the creation of the universe, god (Bathala or Maykapal), the origin of man, supernatural beings and the native Filipino heroes. Second, are legends that tell the origin of a local phenomenon, places, plants, animals, thoughts, and names. Third, are fables where animals or inanimate beings are made to speak and act like rational beings to point out morals, this is the group the myth falls into, but also has aspects from the second group because
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