Myths Of Getting Intimate Essay

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Discover 5 myths about getting intimate
Both the women and the men fraternity all over the world have at one time or the other been affected with myths in relation to getting intimate. Myths are just mostly fabricated tales which sometimes may hold a speck of truth, but mostly are devoid of them. The issue with the myths lies in the fact that they are believed in and which leads to graver issues in any relationship.
Thus, some of the common myths associated with getting intimate are discussed below.
1. You need to read your partner’s mind: It is really not so and the best feeling of intimacy is experienced when you are honest and are comfortable with your partner.
2. One can treat the partner anyhow & anytime: It isn’t so at any point of time.
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Give me a second, and I will make it better: Relationships are built on mutual trust and care and thus rather than putting the things at a “single momentary fix”, you can actually try give trust and mutual affection a try and see your relationship grow up to the next level of intimacy with utter ease.
4. You always need to be gutsy to get intimate: This is perhaps one of the most biggest myth in relation to intimacy and you need to understand that at times the most beautiful and successful relationships are quiet – walk along the beach line holding his hand, have a cup of cappuccino with him, or just have a random conversation, all this increases the level of intimacy like never before! You need to understand the simple fact that there is no do’s and don’ts in a truly intimate relationship and this is important as any set of rules can actually ruin the purpose and the growth even more.
5. Your relationship at all times need to be perfect: This is again a myth which has cropped up from the movies as there is nothing as a perfect relationship and no rules bind the intimacy standards. Nothing is life is constant and so is your relationship and thus, try and keep it simple. Let the trust, care and the intimacy grow with time and at a point, all will be at par with what you both
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