Myths Use Of Language

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The use of language in myths creates a sacred status for scriptures and their oral equivalents. Myths use language that invokes the gods and higher beings for events and tales. By invoking this higher being, the actions in the scriptures evolve from simple folk tales into something greater. The something greater in question is a way of life, myths like the bible do not only recited actions of an all-powerful god, but it proves the reader with a special lifestyle. A lifestyle based on the language of the sacred texts and oral traditions, which commands the believer to accept a different reality. A reality based on the language used in their faith, a reality that is not based on what a person read or heard but instead “to be recited, chanted, intoned, learned…They are reached out for and held on in times of need”.…show more content…
A prayer is not some words string together to be pretty, but a mythological participation with a higher power. In the Hinduism, the syllable, om is not just a sound but instead is the heartbeat of the universe itself. (Paden, 81) Such an idea of the holiness of certain words or phrases can be found throughout history itself, in myths the world is language and the language alone can force the world to move. Even if the language used in scripture is holy, it can only hold that attribute if the person reading believes in those words. If the reader does believe that the scripture to be blessed, then the words become myths as the reader comes to accept that reality as their own. Language and myths are intertwined with each other, one cannot exist without the other. Myths ascend to a higher level because the listener believes that the language used is a part of something greater and that something greater is what makes scriptures and oral traditions of a faith
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