Myths and Facts About Mental Health Essay

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Mental health myths and facts
Our mental health is very important, just like our physical health. For the healthy body healthy mind is very important. Mental health provides us resilience i.e. ability to cope up with the stressors of daily life, it provides inner strength, emotional wellbeing and enables us to adapt with the changes of daily life. Despite of above mentioned importance of mental health, it is notable that mental health is neglected field generally across the world and in third world countries especially in Pakistan. There are various reasons of hindrance in the development of mental health like lack of awareness, low facilities of the mental health sector, sociocultural issues, and religious issues. In addition to above
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Moreover the people who are physical healthy seems more active in activity and exercise which boast the self-esteem and improves mental health. Another important factor is social life, which is integral part of the mental health. In developed countries there are social support groups for the psychiatric patients which play an important role in rehabilitation of psychiatric patient. Furthermore, psychiatric awareness associations in society conduct the sessions on awareness for the prevention of the mental illnesses. One the other hand bad social habits like drinking alcohol and smoking etc. causes depression, anxiety and psychological dependency. In addition to above factors one of deep-rooted factor is culture which is comprised social norms and religious values of any society. In Pakistan people believe that psychiatric illness can cure through religious authorities (Aamil) who treat the patients through reading holy verses on them and prescribing holy water for them. It is noted that various religious authorities torture the patient in the name treatment of mental illnesses. The culture comprises way of job and living style as well. In Pakistan it is notable people are unemployed or living below the line of poverty and that psychiatric patients are stigmatized that they are mad and people considered that these patients cannot be cured. Additionally, it is culturally considered that mental illnesses are due to supernatural causes e.g. sorcerer,
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