Myths and Legends from the World Essay

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There are many Myths and legends in the world and some are more common than others. Different people believe in different myths and legends. They are different myths and legends that correspond with different religions and countries. Myths can be a long story or a short story, some myths can be more interesting than others. Adam and Eve is one of the common myths, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religious believe that Adam and Eve were the first parents of the entire human Race. Adam and Eve were in Genesis, the first book of the bible it contains two accounts of how Adam and Eve came into being. The first version Dates between 600 and 400 BC, it says God created all living things including man and woman “in his own image”. In the second…show more content…
Balor locked his daughter Ethlinn in a crystal tower. Ethlinn gave birth to son but Balor drowned Ethlinn’s son, the Celtic priestess rescued the child and raised him. Lug was raised by the smith god Goibhniu, his uncle. The Lug went to the court of Nuada, the leader of the “Tuatha De Danaan” offered his service as a warrior and a crafts worker. The Tuatha De Danaan was a different supernatural being, they are enemy’s with the evil Formorians. The Lug was became involved in between both groups and instead of making magic weapons for the Gods Goibhniu, Luchta, and Creidhne. The Lug helped organized the army of the Tuatha De Danaan. During the battle the king fell under a spell of Balor’s evil eye and that spell had the power to destroy the people who looked at it. Lug peeled the eye with a magic rock and killed his grandpa Balor. The next legend is more known than the last myth. The legend is El Dorado, El Dorado is a fabulous wealthy city of gold and the king who ruled it. The story happened shortly after the “first” Spanish explorers landed in South America. The local people told stories of a rich king who covered his body with gold dust and then dived in a sacred lake to wash it off. After he finished he would toss gold into the lake to offer it to the gods. The Spanish called the king El Dorado “The Gilded One” because his body was gilded or covered in gold. As the story spread the city he ruled came to be called “El Dorado”. The meaning
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