N. Ebraska 's Own Brenda Brotzman

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N ebraska’s own Brenda Brotzman, after making another one of her runs as a Jackbooter on the 21st of March, was shocked to hear the news of her cousin, Harold Sebastian Brotzman of the Greater American Catholic School System, upon returning home from school. Entering the household of her parents, she saw her parents sitting at the family dinner table. Brenda’s father was trying to comfort her mother, when she heard the news about the Wise Man’s condition. “Why is mom crying?” wondered Brenda. “Earlier today, we learned that an attempt was made on your cousin’s life,” her father said to her. “Your mother has so much grief for your cousin, because of the actions that he has made since the past two years – deeds worthy of being told to all …show more content…

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Eventually, Brenda and her father made it to Virginia on the morning of the 22nd of March, parking their car at the driveway of the Brotzman residence. It was an average looking house that matched the aesthetics of the houses near the only Catholic high school in the city of Arlington, Bishop Dowell High School. Getting out of the car, the father and the daughter went to the front door. From there, the father knocked on the door. Soon after, the door was opened by the Godmother, wearing her Bishop Dowell uniform, who was surprised by the arrival of unrecognizable guests. Brenda, who obviously was not a Ryanite, was amazed by the sight of the taller blonde girl wearing a royal blue golf shirt (with silver colored school insignia on left breast), a khaki skort that was about one inch above the knee, white knee socks, and a pair of black oxfords. The girl’s hair was tied back with a royal blue colored ribbon, and her dark blue eyes were staring into Brenda’s own. The Godmother made a curtsey to Brenda and her father as a sign of Ryanite courtesy. She then asked them, “Are the two of you here to send condolences to State Chancellor Harold S. Brotzman?” Brenda’s father nodded. “I am Phillip Brotzman, and this my daughter, Brenda Klara Brotzman, who is also Harold’s cousin. We came all the way from Nebraska to see Harold’s parents. Do you happen

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