N Ethnographic Study About the Homeless Youth in the Philippines

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Title: An Ethnographic Study about the Homeless Youth in the Philippines Target Group: Street Children

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Belarmino, Mary Grace S.

I chose to study the life and behaviors of the street children on the busy road of Balibago Complex at Sta. Rosa Laguna, to gain a better understanding of their conditions. The main purpose of this study is to discover how they manage to live in a very dangerous condition, as well as the perception of trust, hostility, and aggression among peers and the authority. It also aims to find out their lives regarding their families, if they have one and why they decided to run away from them. Why do they
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The EFA plan for 2004 to 2015 is now on. The National Project on Street Children provides educational assistance to street children through a network of government, non-government, and community organizations. Regardless of this progress, two major challenges remain, formal and non-formal schools need to adjust their educational system to cater to children with irregular schedules and learning capacities, and facilities need to be closer to where disadvantaged children reside and work.
UNCHS (2000) 4 : There are two groups of street children. The first group is ‘Children of the street’, which refers to children who are homeless, and streets in urban areas are their source of livelihood, where they sleep and live. The second group is ‘Children on the street’, who work and live on the streets in the daytime but return back home at night where they sleep, although some of them sleep occasionally on the streets.
Patel, 1990; Le Roux and Smith, 1998; Lugalla and Mbwambo, 1999 5 : There are two main causes of the phenomenon of street children. The first is the economic stress and poor conditions that families face due to industrialization and urbanization. The second cause is changes in the traditional family structure, especially when women became
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