N Pop And Western Music

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K-pop and Western music are two unique and completely opposite music genres. Originating on opposite sides of the planet, and both extremely popular throughout the world. On YouTube if the reader searches “ Her By Block B” and “Heathens By Twenty One Pilots”, both have an enormous amount of views on YouTube (YouTube). Although Heathens was featured in a popular movie, Suicide Squad, which gave them leverage to their popularity. Block B did a fantastic job in popularity due to their inability of being featured in a movie. This Research paper will explore and explain the differences between the genres, including their styles and instrumental aspects of their songs.
K-pop is a popular music genre originating from South Korea; within the last decade K-pop has gain popularity internationally due to the unique music style. According to Kpopoutofthebox, “Korean songs aren’t expected to have that much meaning-it’s perfectly understandable in Korea because the music only has to be catchy and upbeat.”(@Kpop,2) Within the K-pop industry, fans only look upon the sound of the instruments or the beat. For example, within the song “Her” by Block b is a wonderful example of how K-pop music is catchy: “Her! Uh Uh! Her! Uh Uh!
Her! Uh Uh! Her! Uh I can’t talk
Her! Uh Uh! Her! Uh Uh!
Her! Uh Uh! Except for you, everyone is so plain.”(Block B-Her,6) Block B shows an extraordinary amount of what K-pop is like through their lyrics. The artists show the upbeat and catchy side of the music…
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