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Flu Vaccines in Healthcare Workers Aspen University N490- JE- Module 5 Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing December 2013 Mandated Influenza Vaccinations in Healthcare Workers Influenza results in excess of two hundred thousand hospitalizations in the United States (Tosh & Jacobson, 2010). Mortality rates for influenza related illness have risen. The purpose of this paper is to discuss mandated healthcare influenza vaccination in healthcare workers and will examine a Cochrane review summary, mandated healthcare influenza vaccination, and healthcare worker immunization practices in a Veterans Affairs Health Center. Cochrane Review Summary Thomas, Jerreson, & Lasserson (2013) presented a Cochrane review that…show more content…
Veterans Administration Hospital The Oscar G. Johnson Medical Center in Iron Mountain, MI does not mandate flu vaccinations (Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center, 2013). Influenza vaccinations are offered to all employees of the medical center free of charge. Targeted groups include all persons at least six months of age, residents of long-term care facilities, healthcare workers, and people who care for infants less than six months of age (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2006). People with a history of Guillain – Barre, are moderate to severely acutely ill, or persons with allergies to eggs should not be given the vaccine without a physicians order. Employees are encouraged to prevent the transmission of communicable disease by using proper hand washing, avoiding homes and people who are ill, covering coughs and sneezes into a tissue or sleeve, proper disposal of used tissues, practicing cleanliness, staying home when ill, avoiding contact with mucous membranes, and utilizing masks when caring for ill people. Medical facilities should not mandate flu vaccines without studies to prove decreases in transmission of the influenza virus. Facilities should continue to promote safe practices to prevent infections of all contagious illnesses. References A call for mandatory flu vaccinations. (2010). OR Manager, 26(10), 5. Retrieved from

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