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On February 12th The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded by a multiracial group of activists, who answered "The Call," in the New York City, NY. They initially called themselves the National Negro Committee. Founded in 1909 The NAACP, or National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, has been active in its attempts to break legal ground and forge better opportunities for African Americans. At the beginning in 1909, some twenty persons met together in New York City for the purpose of utilizing the public interest in the Lincoln Centennial in behalf of African Americans. The history, function, purpose, and current activities of the organization is work on behalf of the rights of …show more content…
In the 1990s, the NAACP ran into debt, and the dismissal of two leading officials further added to the picture of an organization in deep crisis.However, in the second half of the 1990s, the organization restored its finances, permitting the NAACP National Voter Fund to launch a major get-out-the-vote offensive in the presidential elections NAACP pushed for full desegregation throughout the South. Starting on December 5, 1955, NAACP activists, including E.D. Nixon, its local president, and Rosa Parks, who had served as the chapter's Secretary, helped organize the bus boycott to protest segregation on the city's buses when two-thirds of the riders were black.

Part B. Lemann discusses the life of George Hicks; native of Clarksdale who eventually works his way to the upper-middle class society of Chicago. George's childhood was ingrained in Clarksdale's southern style of harsh plantation life. He and his fellow black citizens were harassed and even arrested for fabricated charges. George himself was beleaguered by police officers for no legitimate reason and
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