NAOBI Resurgency Report

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Complete Transparency You all know Billy Sanders. He and I and sometimes work together as an interpreting team. During our breaks we talk non-stop about programs that we feel would improve our beloved NAOBI-DC. I started documenting our conversations and finally converted the notes into a proposal. Once the proposal was written I could not remember where his thoughts ended and mine began that is how in sync our vision had become. I realized that the programs proposed need to be shared with the members so I gave a speech about change, at the September NAOBI meeting. That is when I announced that I would be running for President. After making the announcement Billy volunteered to help me recruit board members and committee chairs who we…show more content…
I have had conversations with him regarding the structure, the by-laws and the operating procedures of NAOBI-DC. Every time I have a conversation with him, I am impressed with how much he knows about NAOBI and how much he knows about running an organization and most important how much he loves NAOBI. One of the characteristics of a good leader is to know your strengths and recognize your weaknesses. I have mentored interpreters, teachers, chaired committees, and I am the CEO of SHARAVA, LLC (my interpreting service). I feel that I am capable of being an effective President for NAOBI. However, I cannot ignore the fact that Billy Sanders who knows NAOBI inside and outside, and has served 2 terms as the Vice President of NAOBI, deserves a chance to lead this organization. After, talking to Billy on many occasions and being exposed to the wealth of knowledge he has regarding NAOBI, I am convinced that the office of Vice President is the precursor for the office of President. Since I have not served as the Vice President of NAOBI, I must acknowledge my weakness. Therefore, I am stepping aside so that Billy can run for President. I will run as Vice President. We will run on one ticket. You all will be on our ticket. Please join me in recognizing and supporting “The Man” who will be running for the office of President for NAOBI-DC, Mr. Billy Sanders. Applause, applause,
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