NASA Challenger and Columbia Disaster

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NASA Challenger and Columbia Disaster Post- Challenger NASA Structural and Cultural Changes The challenger disaster called for certain changes in the NASA organizational structure, culture and operations. The Rogers Commission carried out a full investigation into the causes of the disaster and recommended to NASA certain actions to mitigate future incidents. First of all, there was a creation of a Solid Rocket Motor Joint redesign team who would also analyse the sealing system (NATA Technical Reports Centre, 2010). Procedures would have to be put in place for assembly and inspection activities before the next flight. There was the creation of an oversight committee that would report directly to the NASA administrator to increase independence in the flight operations. The team would oversee the operations concerning inflight loads, assembly processing and the redesign process (Launius & Garber, 2000). There was a complete review of the safety procedures and controls were tightened when it came to the granting of waivers. The flight rate was reviewed to ensure that is suitable for the resources that NASA had at that time. There were improved landing safety activities especially in orbiter brakes and nose wheel steering. It was important to enhance the communication within NASA organization. Effective management communication was implemented at all levels. There would be more participation of the flight crew members. There would be meetings by the Flight Readiness
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