NASA and Space: The Final Frontier

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Human fascination with the stars is as ancient as Babylonians and has been suggested to be older than Stonehenge. From “be fruitful and multiply” to “live long and prosper,” the instinct to protect and propagate the species has manifested in religion, art, and the imaginations of countless individuals. As human understanding of space treks out of the fantastical and into the scientific, the realities of traveling through and living in space are becoming clearer. Exploring, investigating, and living in space pose an expansive series of problems. However, the solutions to the problems faced by mankind's desire to reach beyond the horizon, through the night sky, and into the stars are solutions that will help in all areas of life on Earth.…show more content…
. . to advance the goal of long-distance space travel, but also to benefit mankind.” Because the problems of space travel have root in nearly every aspect of daily life, the knowledge and experience required to solve them is also extremely diverse. This precludes public sector space agencies from providing all of the solutions to tangled orbit of problems. With the combination of private organizations, independent researchers, and open scientific dialogue, a domino effect of development can be ignited for the Space Revolution, as has happened with the Industrial Revolution and Information Revolution. Private research has a cycle of the emergence of harmonious developments with sweeping effects on technology as a whole. Space is unimaginably vast, and the problems keeping humans from mastering the exploration of and colonization of space is equally daunting. Impressive advances have been made within the past century, and dedicated efforts to make equally impressive strides in the next hundred years are in place. Space research will not yield resutls overnight, but the information obtained along the way will have a positive impact throughout the scientific community and the world's population in turn. With a goal of extraplanetary habitation, humans can prepare protective measures for neutralizing danger and managing resources underwater, in space, and on land, domestic and alien. The scientific and cultural unity required to reach this goal

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