NBA Salary Cap

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The NBA Salary cap is an interesting topic. It is a little different than other sports' salary caps. A salary cap is a limit on the amount of money that a team can spend on player contracts. (Coon, 1) Although the NBA has a salary cap, teams can still go over the amount of the cap and are allowed. The NBA Salary cap is considered to be a soft cap because of the exceptions teams can use to pay more money for certain players and go over the salary cap. In other sports they may not have a certain limit on how much money a team can spend on a player or their team. Baseball for example, they are allowed to spend as much money as they want on a team. That is why the New York Yankees have a lot of big name players with high paying…show more content…
The salary caps differ from sport to sport on how much you can spend on a team and how much the average salary is. Since the salaries that the teams have come from the average revenues from the league it depends on how much the league brings in. In 2003-04 season the NBA's estimated revenue was $3.1 billion the salary caps are more than what the NHL's salary cap is. In that same year the estimated total revenue for the NHL was $2.1 billion. The average salary for the NHL player and the NBA player is $1.8 million. (Insidehoops, 1) Although the average is the same there are more players in the NBA with much higher salaries than the top players in the NHL. The NBA's top five paid athletes are the highest paid athletes compared to any other professional sport. Even though the NBA has the second lowest team salary cap for the top five paid teams in the 01-02 seasons compared to NFL, MLB, and the NHL's top five paid teams. The estimated value of the New York Yankees is about $1,849 million. The Washington Redskins are estimated at being worth $952 million. Then the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers are worth an estimated $447 million. (Insidehoops, 1) In the NFL the salary cap is a little different than the NBA's. There is a hard cap in the NFL which means that teams rarely go over the salary cap. There are not any exceptions really to help the NFL go over the cap. It is harder to
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