NCAA Athletes Need Salaries Essay

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NCAA Athletes Need Salaries

The chants grow louder, "Dayne, Dayne, Dayne", its 4'Th and goal, the Badgers trail Michigan by 5 with six seconds left. The winner takes home the title as the 1999 National champions. The ball is snapped, Bollinger drops back, fakes the pass, and pitches it to Dayne. He dodges a tackle, bounces off 2 blue jerseys, and stumbles in the end-zone for the game winning TD. Dayne's hard work and perseverance "paid off" and led Wisconsin to a victory.
But who really capitalizes when Ron Dayne leads his team to a National Championship? To Dayne, "Paid Off" in no way means he will receive a check from the University of Wisconsin. Under current NCAA regulations, "all student athletes are prohibited from receiving
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They are many times attending universities because it is a stepping stone en route to a career as a professional athlete, just like an accounting major is studying in order to be recruited by an accounting firm. The lifestyle of a student-athlete is quite different though. A student-athlete must attend practice for 10 to 20 hours per week, travel to games on most weekends during the season, and at the same time, keep up with an academic workload comparable to that of a student without commitment to athletics. But unlike ordinary students without athletics, student-athletes must also many times care for families and spouses. Actually, approximately 24% of student athletes are married, and of that 24%, about 62% have children. Of the students without their own spouses or children, many must care for parents and siblings.
The rules and regulations regarding the student-athlete are set forth by the NCAA, which serves as the governing body over college athletics. Most college athletes are not wealthy and among the many rules imposed for these privileged individuals, they are not permitted to carry jobs, receive money, rewards, or any type of kickbacks from any sources other than family. The NCAA does not allow their athletes to hold jobs because the job issue has ramifications on recruiting. The NCAA believes some schools would have an unfair recruiting advantage over other

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