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NCAA Division Membership Criteria The NCAA is an organization that was established in 1906 to administer intercollegiate athletics. It enforces the rules for various sports and the eligibility criteria for athletes. The NCAA supervises athletic contests for about 80 national championships in about 20 sports per year. The NCAA has gone through some structural changes throughout the years. When the organization first started it had every team and conference on equal levels. It took a while but finally there was some long overdue changes made. In 1973 the NCAA reorganized its membership structure so that it created three new classifications. These of which included Division I, II, and III. Each of these members represents a…show more content…
Div. I-AA teams do not have to meet attendance requirements. Div. I schools must meet minimum financial aid awards for their programs and there are maximum awards that cannot be exceeded. Division II- These programs must have at least have four sports for each gender participating. During each season. At least 50% of their games should be played against Div. II or higher programs. Also, like Div.I there are maximum financial awards for each sport. There is not any attendance requirements for football or basketball. Division III- This level must also have at least four sports for both women and men's teams throughout each playing season. There are minimum contest and participant minimums for each sport. Teams must play at least 50% of all games against Div.III members that grant financial aid based on need only. Div.III does not award scholarships based on athletic ability- only on the basis of need. Like I've mentioned earlier there are some significant differences in the Divisions. There are also no minimums or maximums on the enrollment of an institution as it correlates to its membership. The institution controls its own fate as to what division it wants to participate in. Other facts are that Div. I and II schools can award athletic

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