NCAA March Madness Tournament

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One of the top sporting events in the world is considered to be the NCAA March Madness tournament. This tournament is ranked third just behind the super bowl and FIFA World Cup. It’s unbelievable to think that one of the top sporting events in the world is in college athletics. You have other professional sports like basketball, baseball, hockey and NASCAR, but there championships still don’t compare to the NCAA championship. March madness is so popular that global firms Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc believe that companies are expected to lose about $1.2 billion because of every hour of work that employees are watching games instead of working (Koba, 2014). These employees will spend on average 90 minutes a day at work watching …show more content…
It was considered the biggest tournament in the whole country and everyone was trying to get in to prove their skills. This tournament was much different then the one today because you weren’t able to watch these games on television or check your phone for the scores. The only way you would know who moves on or what teams won was to actually go to the game. This is why it would get very crowded at Illinois arena.
The NCAA has stuck with the current format for the bracket since 2011. There are 68 teams that compete in the NCAA basketball tournament from March to April. 32 of the 68 teams automatically qualify if they win their conference championship. The Ivy does not have a tournament championship so whoever is the regular season champion in the Ivy League has an automatic bid as well. The rest of the 36 slots are filled by at-large-bids and are selected by a committee based on their record and how difficult teams schedules were. This selection is televised on ESPN and is called, “Selection Sunday.” After the committee picks who belong in the tournament, they then need to make the seeding’s for each team. If you are a #1 seed you are considered the best team in that region. If you’re a #16 you are the worst team. There are four separate regions in the tournament and in each region there is a #1 seed through #16. The committee sets up the bracket so the #1 seed has
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