NCAA Recruiting Ethics Essay

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College recruiting is something that was created for the good of college sports, but is often used for such unethical actions that will make anyone with a soul cringe. In 2004, University of Colorado’s athletic department used alcohol, drugs, and sex to lure recruits during official campus visits (Gerdy). These actions are immoral on a number of levels, and should not be tolerated. If this type of behavior continues to be seen in college sports, then serious changes need to be made. Illegal recruiting that takes place in NCAA athletics is unethical, gives colleges unfair advantages, and jeopardizes player’s eligibility.
First, illegal recruiting in NCAA athletics is tremendously unethical. “The extremely high stakes of recruiting can
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No matter how dishonest it may be, there are immoral people in this world who will sacrifice everything for success. Then again, what is success when it is not earned? Secondly, there are many different NCAA recruiting infractions that can lead to severe punishment. These punishments are not only for the coaches but for the illegally recruited players as well. There are certain criteria that decide what is and is not illegal, but some might not seem as severe as one might think. For example, the NCAA defines illegal contact as any face-to-face meeting between a coach and athlete as anything more than saying “hello” (Disalvo 69). Although this may seem to be a bit drastic, it makes it obvious to the players and coaches exactly what rules and guidelines to follow. Also, even though young athletes may not know at the time, their eligibility is put in jeopardy when the colleges that recruit them are not following NCAA rules (60). This, in some players’ eyes, is as unfair as because they may feel that they should not be penalized for something that they did not know about. However, it is the player’s responsibility to understand and comply with all NCAA rules and regulations, therefore it is their fault. Overall, cheating in NCAA athletics includes actions that violate regulations of sport governing organizations, such as those dealing with recruiting and eligibility (Shulman). With everything in the

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