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1.1 My duties and responsibilities as a support worker are maintaining a high standard of care be it in personal hygiene, assistance with laundry and so on.
Maintaining confidentiality and keeping records.
Reporting immediately any incidents that may occur.
Participating in courses that might help me improve my care.
Being supportive and empathic towards everyone.

1.2 Maintaining trust and confidence in the patients by respecting the confidentiality norms.
This is in protecting the rights and promoting the interests and independence of service users. Respecting dignity, privacy, culture and religion of service users. Maintaining the trust and confidence of the service users by keeping confidential information except the one that
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For example MR A doesn't like Pig meat and one time by mistake I give it to him, he notices and gets angry It is my job to learn from this mistake and to make more attention to my patients food preferences or culture/religion related diet.

3.1 Supervision is an important source of feedback and we discuss my work and how I am doing, what I am doing well and what needs to improve. Supervision feedback could be formal like in supervision meetings but also informal when talking unplanned. For example, my manager will come in, in the morning and ask ‘how did it go last night? And after explaining, she will tell me fine but next time add this to what I haven't done today. My colleagues and the service users are important too for giving me feedback, for showing me what I am doing well, the areas I need to improve on and work on.

3.2 Personal development plan involves knowing the skills and knowledge I have and in what areas I need to improve on. My Development plan should be planned with my manager.

3.3 On my Personal Development Plan I would have a map of the areas I want to improve as a Social Care Worker and as a Person. I would like to be as kind as possible and to give the best service possible to my patients.

4.1 By attending courses they might help you to understand the problems my patients have and have more empathy in their regards. It would also drive you closer and develop a better relationship.
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