NCLB Act Case Study

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The article discussed the vision of President George W Bush who signed the law NCLB and believes that students must be assessed and if students continuum failing, as a result the school will be shut down. Bush focused on how performing schools and the importance the NCLB act in providing families support. NCLB prove to be more challenging than beneficial. (Quinton, 2015). Also, the impact that this law has on students’ progress, the students must be assessed (informal, formally) through on the school year and they are continually failing as a result of racial and ethnic gaps, and poverty. This article was published on April 24, 2015 from . It is a digital media company based in Washington DC.
I became interested in NCLB act, because I work with Special needs students in early childhood setting. These students are delayed preschoolers who receive services such as speech therapy, and occupational therapy to address their needs. The majority of students will graduate in June 2016, and they will attend kindergarten within the public school Educational system. I am concerned about their progress when they attend the public school under this law NCLB that would offer them the supports necessary to achieve success as this peers within similar disabilities,
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But this intention was quickly overshadowed by the way the law was implemented. For example, part of the law mandates to help students who are not on grade level. Access to remedial tutoring is mandatory for students who are not making the grade. But sadly, the law didn’t allow for the funds and time for these services. Many schools started taking time out of their day to have the teachers teach the tutoring classes, which meant that there was less time for teachers to teach the core
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