NCRCC Case Analysis

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Based off of the case provided, the NCRCC main goal is to attract new members to support the renovated facility after AT&T divested itself. Also, given the growing age of its member, NCRCC implemented an aggressive membership campaign back in 1998. The overall goal was to bring forth 680 golf memberships and attract as many social memberships as well. In regards to the board of NCRCC, there are several recommendations that could be made with respect to adding or changing programming activities. There could be more social activities for adults, activities for families with children and some specifically just children. By developing activities that target specific audiences would strengthen the overall NCRCC as a whole and as a result…show more content…
Having social activities that do not cost would be a good way to attract adults to get a membership without having to pay anything additional. This would also be a good method for families with children as well as just children. Depending on the activity if they are able to have it at little to no cost then they would want to continue to come and look forward to the programming activities. By also finding out their direct interest and determining whether they enjoy more hands on activities opposed to other activities would also be a beneficial.

Changing Current Operations

In regards to changing current operations at the NCRCC, there are several changes that would be recommended. Due to the decrease in membership it is clear that the current operation is not working and is in need of improvement. Also, the survey results showed that 72 percent of NCRR member were either satisfied or very satisfied with the golf club. One of the first things that is noticed when a business or organization is not ran well it is turned to how the guest enjoyed their experience. If the guest had a bad experience they will tend to not come back and also share with others their experience to stop them from trying or going. Customer service is big but the golf course in itself is another factor that could use another look at in regards to its operation. The NCRCC is known for their golf course and that should be a top priority at the club. At all times the golf course should be in the
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