NDCC 06 Creates Admission Criteria For Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers : Case Analysis

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Introduction NDCC 25.03.2-06 creates admission criteria for psychiatric residential treatment facilities, or also known as residential treatment centers. The main criteria outlined is a diagnosis of an mental illness or emotional disturbance by a psychiatrist or psychologist, which cannot be treated at a lower level of care. While in general a seemingly good policy with positive aspects, there are a few issues with NDCC 25.03.2-06 that both policy makers and social workers working in PRTFs should be aware of. This paper will analysis the policy in further depth to determine if changes should be made. Are the Goals of the Policy Legal? The goal of NDCC 25.03.2-06 is to essentially the guidelines of who is allowed to enter PRTFs and who is…show more content…
Do the Goals of the Policy Contribute to Greater Social Equality? By defining admission criteria, NDCC 25.03.2-06 gives a place for society’s most troubled youth a place to stay without placing them in an inappropriate level of care. However, families without insurance cannot send their children to these programs, which would leave the some youth without the help that they need. They may have to enter the child welfare or juvenile delinquency system before their issues are addressed by a PRTF, as then they would qualify for Medical Assistance through the government (B. Novotny, personal communication, October 26, 2017) . Unfortunately, further damage and trauma may have been done just by being in those alternate systems. However, PRTF do offer a place for some youth to receive treatment before more drastic measures may be taken and gives them a chance at a more normal life. Do the Goals of the Policy Positively Affect the Redistribution of Income, Resources, Rights Entitlements, Rewards, Opportunities, and Status? NDCC 25.03.2-06 doesn’t offer entitlements, rewards, or income. However, it does offer many opportunities and the possibility of an increase of status for youth admitted into the PRTF. Youth that meet the criteria set forth in the admission criteria may receive many programs. For example at Ruth Meiers in Grand Forks, one of six PRTFs in North Dakota clients receive individual,

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