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Paper IGC 1 Mock examination.001
Section 1
This section contains one question. The marks for each part of the question are shown in brackets. You are advised to spend approximately half an hour on it.
1. (a) Identify the possible consequences of an accident to:
(i) the injured workers; (3)
Moral: Any health and safety accident which leads to human harm will involve a degree of pain and suffering for the individual, possibly their family and friends.
(ii) their employer. (3)
Failure to comply with health and safety laws within a country, which then cause an incident can then lead to a criminal and/or civil legal action. If found guilty this could involve considerable fines and/or compensation awards.
Economic: Accidents cost a great
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Outline what should be considered when undertaking a risk assessment for young persons who are to be employed in the workplace. (8)
Before employing a young person, a specific risk assessment must be conducted and take the following specific factors into account:
• the fitting-out and layout of the workplace and the particular site where they will work;
• the nature of any physical, biological and chemical agents they will be exposed to, for how long and to what extent;
• what types of work equipment will be used and how this will be handled;
• how the work and processes involved are organised;
• the need to assess and provide health and safety training; and
• risks from the particular agents, processes and work.
4 (a) Identify THREE types of emergency in the workplace which require the evacuation of workers. (3)
Fire, Explosion, toxic spillage
(b) Explain why it is important to develop workplace procedures for emergency situations.(5)
The best way to reduce the impact of emergencies is to develop systems and devise a plan that your business can rely on in the event of unforeseen events.
5 Outline the key elements of a health and safety management system. (8)
6 (a) Give TWO reasons why visitors to a workplace might be at greater risk of injury than workers. (2)
(b) Identify the precautions to be taken to reduce the risk of injury to visitors to the
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