NEO Personality Inventory Review

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NEO Personality Inventory Review

The NEO- PI-R is a self -administered questionnaire based on the Five Factor Model. The NEO PI-R is considered to be a concise measure of the five factor domains of personality (Costa & McCrae, 19921). It contains six traits or facets in each of the five domains. The domains are Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness (Costa & McCrae, 19921). These domains help to provide an assessment of a normal adult personality. The test consists of 240 items and three validity items (Costa & McCrae, 19921). The test requires at least a sixth grade reading level. Included in the NEO PI-R test manual is the NEO Five Factor Inventory. This inventory was validated in the four studies conducted by Holden, Wasylkiw, Starzyk, Book and Edwards (2006) in their article about the construct validity of the big four personality clusters.
The manual costs sixty-eight dollars and the booklets can range in price from thirty-six dollars to sixty-eight dollars. The test is only available to be bought by qualified professionals who can administer and score the tests. An A level assessment is able to be purchased by a person with a bachelors degree in psychology or a related field or a person with training equivalent to a bachelors degree in psychology, and a professional membership in an organizations that requires training in psychology. A person can also purchase a level assessments with a certification in an organization with

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