NETW202 W3 Lab Report Template 1

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Your Name NETW202, Professor’s Name Current Date Lab #3 Lab Report Section I: Watch the videos on the UTP cabling, read your course material and answer the questions below. Add in graphics from the internet to enhance your answers and be sure to cite your references. (Each question is worth 1 point each) 1.What is meant by the term “pinout”? 2.What are the following cable types used for and how are they made? How are they different? Crossover cable Rollover cable Straight through cable 3. What are the 568A and 568B termination color code standards? What are the 568A and 568B pinout standards? This is confusing terminology so how are they different? 4. How many conductors or wires are there in a UTP cable? How many pairs? 5.…show more content…
11. Examine the stream of frames are there any significant differences in the times during the back and forth between the client and the server? 12. How many duplicate ACKs are there for stream index 0? What filter did you use to search for the dup acks? Show a screen shot of your filter and results for full credit. Add in your screen shot here. 13. How many of these are between the client and the server? 14. Does this indicate a problem in the network? Yes or no? How do you justify your answer? SECTION IV: ( 2 points) Using the 100 Tips for Wireshark document from Laura Chappell, outline your favorite 2 tips and outline when and how you would use them to troubleshoot a network problem. Write at least 3 sentences on each tip you select to profile. Each outline is worth1 points each. 1. TIP 1 2. TIP 2 SECTION V: Looking at security with wireshark. (3 points) After looking at information regarding capturing packets with wireshark. Write a short paragraph about what you see in this example. What does this tell you about password security in general? How does this profile what an unauthorized person using wireshark could

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