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Municipal WiFi Introduction Municipal Wi-Fi or Municipal wireless network is a step towards making Internet services available to everyone by wireless technology. A geographical area under a municipality is provided with a wireless broadband service in many cities in US. Currently this idea is getting spread around the world. The structure of the wireless network is a mesh network with more than hundreds of routers are installed on the outdoors of the buildings. The network is operated by a wireless ISP. In this report we will discuss about implementation of municipal WiFi in different countries and the status of those implementation. 1. Municipal WiFi in Corpus Christi Corpus Christi in Texas is considered to be one of the top ten…show more content…
(, 2014) 2. Municipal WiFi in Barcelona, Spain Spain took the projects of implementing municipal WiFi in Barcelona in 2008. There was a specific technical model for Barcelona. Unlike other implementation, in Barcelona, municipal WiFi has been implemented separately for public use and municipal use. This was a serious change in the municipal WiFi model till that time. Until then, all models used to consider either both public and municipal networks in the same implementation model or built models only for municipal services or only for public use. In Barcelona, a giant wireless mesh network was developed for only municipal use and same thing was done for public use also. But the physical networks were different. (Vidal, 2010) The municipal network was developed on a network of optical cores. That has access points on every street light poles and traffic poles. It connected 30 percent of the city by using more than 400 such access points. Only municipal services were delivered using this infrastructure. The aim of this implementation were, Better connectivity for the services that were online already but used UMTS/GPRS based connections. Reduction in operational costs. Improved security and reliability in the services. Easy deployment platform for upcoming projects. The network were used for controlling the parking meters, monitoring places using wireless cameras and traffic signaling,

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