NFL Players with Head, Neck, and Spine Injuries

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The injury was caused by a helmet to helmet hit on the Denver Broncos’ kick returner, Domenik Hixon. Head and neck injuries like these continue to be a threat to many football players. Many solutions have been tried, but none have made a significant impact on the safety of the game.
Spinal cord injuries are a literal pain in the neck and can cause many players and victims to end their careers. These injuries can be caused by hard blows to the head, face, and neck (Bradley). According to Dr. Timothy Gay, a physics professor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, most injuries like Kevin Everett’s occur during kickoffs (ESPN). Players run full speed at each other causing a harder collision. Gay explained that another main cause to these injuries is tackling with your head down. Newton’s 2nd law of motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion (F=ma or force equals mass times acceleration). When Everett hit Hixon, the deceleration of his body caused his head to compress down on his neck (ESPN). Concussions can also be a result of big hits. When one player’s helmet hits another player’s helmet, or the ground, the brain can get knocked around and bruise it, causing severe headaches. Concussions are very common in the NFL, and all though they are still very dangerous, players are allowed to return to…

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