NFL and NASCAR Sponsorships Essay

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Abstract The National Football League (NFL) and NASCAR thrive on sponsors and vice versa. An NFL game is by far the most watched single game event in the country and gaining popularity exponentially worldwide. Their championship, the Super Bowl, is arguably the most watched television program in that particular year. In NASCAR, the Daytona 500 is their “Super Bowl” and is a very large event in its own right. Corporations all over the world jump on these mega advertising vehicles with the hope that their name is popularized which will result in profitability. In many cases, most of those who do buy airtime during NFL games, the Super Bowl, and during the major NASCAR races are very visible names and products that we already know…show more content…
The United States is a very sport minded nation and that when large sports events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, the Daytona 500, and any of the large golf and tennis events, many of the viewers will be swayed by what they see on the television. Other beneficiaries are the cities and the surrounding locations of where these main events are held. The communities will benefit from the possible tourism and the amount of dollars that is put back into the local economy. For example, when I was still living in San Diego, CA, the 1994 Super Bowl was held there. As I was driving around town I can feel the buzz of what the Super Bowl will bring to San Diego. I saw people everywhere walking into shops, frequenting the night clubs, and attending the numerous events that the Super Bowl had in place. These events could not have happened without the help of their sponsors. You could see the many sponsor logos plastered in almost every corner of the city. Another goal of sponsors is that they are able to fulfill their community relations goals. They would market themselves by providing volunteers free t-shirts with their logos on them or have hand outs that they can give to the public. In 2004, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc. did exactly that. They set up youth education centers so that the young gets the knowledge needed on the importance of volunteerism and what they
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