NFL with Mild Congnitive Impairment

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NFL with MCI
In the article, NFL Football Players May Be More Susceptible to Alzheimer's and Dementia, the clinical professor Christopher Randolph makes a scientific study to whether or not former professional football players are prone to head trauma related diseases such as MCI and Alzheimer’s. This study can be proved to be valid, because the author states his theory through clinical studies comparing different groups of people with and without a former history in a professional sport.
The main idea of this article is to determine whether NFL football players are subjects to have more head trauma related diseases later on in life such as MCI and Alzheimer’s. The purpose of this experiment is to prove this theory to be true. Christopher Randolph executed this study by comparing the neuropsychological test results from two groups of without a history in participating professional sport “(1) 41 demographically similar adults with no cognitive changes and (2) a clinical sample of 81 people diagnosed with MCI” (Randolph). After all the testing and surveys, the results were clear; professional athletes are more likely to have a form of MCI or Alzheimer’s when they get older.
The author of this article exhibited a scientific study by analyzing the likelihood of an American professional football player being diagnosed with a certain degree of a head trauma compared to the general population. By accomplishing this experiment the author views his theory to be true, through the

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