NHL Expansion to Southern Cities Essay

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NHL Expansion to Southern Cities As population continually increases in the Southern states, the NHL is moving teams into large Southern cities. In an effort to increase profits and popularity, the NHL has increased the number of teams in the league and moved into Southern cities that have never had hockey teams before. The problem is that hockey is not as popular in the South as it is in the North. This expansion in the South has lead to huge monetary losses to Southern teams and very low attendance numbers. The NHL should not have expanded the league into Southern cities and should keep NHL teams farther North. There are a few reasons why the NHL began expanding into Southern Markets. But the one of the biggest events that …show more content…
The NHL saw the increasing population in the Southern states and wanted to take advantage. In Florida, from 1970 to 2010, it is estimated the population will more than triple from six million to 19 million. The NHL saw this huge increase in population and in the late 90’s put two new teams into both California and Florida. The NHL is a business, and when there are huge amounts of people, no matter where it is, they see an opportunity to make money and want to put teams there. The city of Atlanta actually had an NHL team from 1972 to 1980, when the team was moved to Calgary. In 1980 when the team left, there were just over 2 million people in the metropolitan area of Atlanta. In 2004, the city had more than doubled to 5 million, just a few years after another team was given to Atlanta. The NHL tries to put an NHL franchise anywhere where they feel there is a possibility of making money. But what affect are all of these new Southern teams having on the NHL and its fans? With more teams in the league, that means more players. As you add more players and more teams to the league, the talent of the extra players eventually decreases. If there were only 15 teams instead of 30, you would get rid of many less talented players and have only the best. Also, with more spots in the NHL, there are not enough talented players to fill all of the spots. This means the most talented players are sought after
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