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Dear Midwestern University - Downers Grove Campus,

I am one of the applicants who had the pleasure of interviewing at your phenomenal institution on March 14 and would like to thank you for considering me as a potential candidate to join the upcoming class for your Doctor of Dental Medicine program. Additionally, I would like to send this update to include onto the experiences I already listed on my application in hopes that the admission committee will arrive at an admission decision that best reflects my current compentency and repetoire as an applicant.

CDA Cares
My participation with CDA Cares is described on my main AADSAS application. I am still volunteering with CDA Cares by going to the event at Stockton, CA on October 14-16 where
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This is a small private practice that takes Medi-Cal patients, giving me the excellent opportunity to understand the dynamics of Medi-Cal and the difficulties some patients experience when finding dentists. I also joined Dr. Adeline Tom when she volunteers at the San Antonio Regional Hospital Dental Center, a dental clinic where uninsured patients can come to receive free dental care. During our time at the San Antonio Dental Center, I dental assisted her in some dental procedures. Shadowing Dr. Tom allow me to understand how a dentist might be able to balance providing service to the underserved community while meeting financial needs through her private practice. Total current hours: appoximately 13…show more content…
The description of this experience is nearly the same, but I would like to add that this is a private office that work closely with the patient to practice preventive dentistry through patient education. This office showed me that one on one counseling with the patient often results in a change of the patient's lifestyle to prevent recurrence of the oral health disorder such as cavity or gingivitis. Ultimately, this dental office taught me the importance of providing dental education to patients. AADSAS listed hours: 12. Total current hours: approximately 30
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