NHS Leadership Report

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All of us have a natural leadership style within us. However, the way we go about displaying this natural leadership defines whether we are a good leader or not. A good leader is someone who helps teach, respect, and inspire the lives of individuals around them. Also, a good leader is someone who is not afraid to step up and take action when it is needed to be. As a result of stepping up and taking action, they are radiating the natural confidence and power that a good and strong leader should contain. In all, a good leader is someone who listens and cares about the lives of the individuals that surround them, and every action and decision they make is for the benefit of the greater good. All of these qualities that I believe make up a good leader I contain. As a result of being the Vice President of National Honor Society and Secretary of Student Council, I have had lots of experience with taking on the role of leadership. For instance, being the Vice President of NHS has given me opportunity of taking charge…show more content…
Every since I was a young girl I have invested myself in my academics. I always loved coming home and showing my parents my report cards, because I wanted to show them the effort and diligence that I put forth into my academics. As I grew older that passion never faded, and instead of wanting to get that A to show my parents I found myself wanting to get that A to for myself. As a result, my academic achievements have become one of my most prized accomplishments in my life. Finishing off my final months of senior year I am carrying with me a grade point average of 3.97, and as a result of this I am number eight in my graduating class here at Summerfield. The reason my academics have become my most prized accomplishment is because it shows forth the qualities of effort and determination that I have put forth, and those are qualities that I believe a good leader must
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