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“What idea does the author develop regarding the nature or effect of threatening forces?”      As human beings, we are often faced with choices, challenges, and threats as we grow and mature. Although how we act in these situations defines who we are, the underlying importance of these issues is how we come to our final decision and how we face the threats that lie before us. In Elie Wiesels’s memoir Night, a huge groups of people have their lives threatened and taken away as Primo Levi said “… at a yes, or a no” and this shows just how predominant of an effect this threat had on the Jewish people. Many characters in this memoir chose to address this very real threat in different ways and because…show more content…
In threatening these people with their lives and the lives of their loved ones, the Jews were “persuaded” to follow the Nazi demands, and had no will to stand up against them. During the Second World War, the Nazis knew what there were doing and believed that in destroying the rules that the Jews lived by, their will to rebel, their will to escape and most of all, their will to live would be shattered by the Nazi rule. Upon arriving at the camps, the prisoners were humiliated as they were stripped, shaved and deloused in a large public display. Secondly, the Jews were tattooed partly for identification and most of all because it was against the Jewish rule to self inflict any form if bodily harm. The purpose of this was to take away many things that the Jews stood for and soon, some began to loose their faith in god and what they had known to be right. In doing such things to their prisoners, the Nazi’s began to not only control them physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. With essentially nothing to live for and no reason to go on, many of the prisoners gave up and those who didn’t were forced to turn against each other as their only form of survival.      Throughout this memoir, the main character Eliezer and his father are very close and do all that is in their power to help one another survive. At the times of selection, the Nazis had taken the role of god and held each individuals life in their
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