NSA: Nothing's Secrete Anymore Essay

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Student Class Teachers name Three Part Proposal N.S.A.: Nothing’s Secrete Anymore Look at it this way: this administration is taking unprecedented steps to make sure that the government’s secrets remain private while simultaneously invading the privacy of its citizens…. Many innocents must be violated so that a few guilty people can be stopped. It’s a digital stop-and-frisk…. – Charles M. Blow, New York Times, June 7, 2013 It is without question that the heavens are watching us, in the obscured reality of simple humans we are only but germs under the eyes of the great intelligence from the viewing eye of the gods that rule the macrocosms. To this I say: Gods that rule the nebulas and ICIS1000 galaxies, have mercy on our…show more content…
We have “improved” into this technological dependent world that connects us with everyone around us and where anything around us could become evidence enough to become a suspect to the National Security Agency, also known as the NSA. The NSA is a corporation initially set up to catch terrorists and keep America safe. Not really recognized until the 9/11 incident, where ”President Bush Sign[ed] (an) Order Beginning NSA's Domestic Spying Program” (“NSA Spying on Americans”Timeline). Background The origins of the National Security Agency can be traced back to April 28, 1917, three weeks after the U.S. Congress declared war on Germany in World War I. The MI-8 (Black Chambers) were moved to New York City on May 20, 1919, where it continued intelligence activities as the Code Compilation Company under the guidance of Yardley. Its purpose was to crack the communications codes of foreign governments. Supported by the State Department and the War Department, the chamber persuaded Western Union, the largest U.S. telegram company, to allow government officials to monitor private communications passing through the company’s wires. Other so called Black Chambers were also found in Europe. They were established by the French and British governments to read the letters of targeted individual. Following the resignation of President Richard Nixon, there were several investigations of suspected misuse of FBI, CIA

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