NSA Spying Philippines P.O.V.

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“The NSA (National Security Agency) is the largest and most secretive U.S. intelligence agency.” (Junior Scholastic). NSA spying in U.S. was first discovered in the spring of 2013. The first program that was leaked was a program called PRISM. This program was made to check up on everyone and was made after 2001. The NSA is now known as the government program that monitors technology. I agree with this political cartoon #7 (NSA Spying Philippines P.O.V.) as it shows the abuse of power because of how it is a government agency, how it spied on us, and the Statue of Liberty was used in an ironic way. The NSA is a government funded agency, which, in conclusion, means they have more access to resources compared to other agencies and companies. In the picture, the Statue of Liberty is an ear with a microphone and a tape recorder (NSA Spying Junior Scholastic). The ear being on one of the great monuments that represents our country and our government, the fact that it’s on the monument shows that it’s what represents the face of our country currently. In the picture, the Statue of Liberty holding a tape recorder (NSA Spying Junior Scholastic). The tape recorder shows that the information gotten from the microphone is being kept, which must mean it has a purpose and that purpose it to collect it for the government. Also, in the picture, the monument has an ear for a face. This shows that the government agency is always listening in and abusing its power as a government supported

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