NSA Spying - What is Metadata and What Does the Law Say?

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Technology is in everything we do from using our home refrigerator, washer, cellular device, automobile, and or computer systems. When using certain devices you pass information to others pertaining to personal and private information. This information or metadata could be a bank account or credit card number, pin, and or password that we unconsciously share. We randomly give away this information at a dentist or doctor’s office, the local liquor store, or when we visit social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, and or Google. This information is all collected, stored, and tracked by big brother, and what are they doing with it, is the metadata being secured, American’s may never know.
Disturbingly the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting metadata on Americans personal telephones and electronics devices for several years. This collection was happening before the NSA Analyst Edward Snowden leaked these facts to the world in late 2013. The NSA was formed in the 1950’s, and during this time frame the NSA disseminated intelligence information from electronic signals for foreign and counter intelligence purposes, which supported the American military needs. Currently the NSA has refocused their spying tactics to technology driven devices. The NSA has an extensive “telephone-metadata program, since 2001, and they collect phone records of virtually all Americans” (Lizza, 2013).
Email and Social…
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