NT1210 unit4 lab copper cable Essay

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NT1210 Lab 4.1 : Copper Cabling Exercise 4.1.1 Stability, consistency, and minimization of packet errors. Exercise 4.1.2 The power requirements to send data is much lower than the requirements to transfer electricity. Exercise 4.1.3 Protection from power frequency, radio frequency interference, reducing errors generated. Exercise 4.1.4 Category Maximum Speed Application 1 1Mbps VOICE ONLY( TELEPHONE WIRES) 2 4Mbps LOCAL TALK & TELEPHONE 3 16Mbps 10 BASE T ETHERNET 4 20Mbps TOKEN RING 5 100/1000 100 BASE T ETHERNET/GIGABIT ETHERNET 5E 1Gbps/1000mbps GIGABIT ETHERNET 6 10Gbps GIGABIT ETHERNET/IP TELPHONY 6E 10Gbps GAGBIT ETHERNET/HIG END WORK STATION Exercise 4.1.5 Exercise 4.1.6…show more content…
Tone generator=A tone generator, also known as a signal generator, can be described in at least two contexts: electronic audio acoustics and equipment testing and setup, or informational signals, commonly associated with a telephone system. In each case, electrically generated audio pulses are sent to specific components. In the case of audio equipment testing, frequency response and sound evaluation are noted, and the acoustic properties of a studio or hall may be determined. With a telephone system, the dial tone, busy signal, and ring tone are the result of this pulsed tone generation. Pair scanner. Used to locate problems in the LAN cabling system. Time domain reflectometer (TDR) s an electronic instrument that uses time-domain reflectomer to characterize and locate faults in metallic cables (for example, twisted wires, and coaxial cables). It can also be used to locate discontinuities in a connector, printed circuit or any other electrical path. Lab 4.1 Review 1. Auto-MDIX or Automatic Medium-dependent Interface Crossover is a technology developed by HP and used in computer networks for automatic identification the type of cable (straight or crossover) required for a proper connection of a device to the ethernet network. The main advantage of this technology is that Auto-MDIX compatible devices are capable of detecting the type of connection and configure themselves, thereby eliminating the need for

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