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Chapter 7
1. A user of a home telephone picks up her phone and makes a telephone call to a friend’s home telephone in another part of town. Which of the following is likely to be true about this call?
A. It uses a single pair of wires on the local loop at each end of the call
2. Which of the following are services that telcos have offered as WAN services over the years?
A. Switched analog circuits
B. Dedicated digital circuits
3. This chapter claims that IP routers work well as devices that connect to many different types of interfaces, including LANs and WANs. Which of the following answers list the reasons why routers do well in this role?
A. Routers have much faster CPUs and can do the hard work to
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Which of the following answers lists other physical parts that the customer will need for that sites installation of the T1 leased line?
B. A serial cable
8. A telco customer has a T1 leased line between two sites, called sites A and B. the telco has several switches between sites A and B that use T3 trunks. These switches use the T3 trunks along with time-division multiplexing (TDM) to create the leased line from site A to B. which of the following answers is true about how TDM works in this design?
C. The switches map the T1 customer lines to one of 28 different frequencies in the T3 trunks
9. A telco network has TDM switches in the CO, ready to support T1 leased lines to customer sites. Two such switches have a single T3 trunk connecting the two switches, set aside to support T1s that run just between those two CO switches. Which of the following answers best describes the number of customer T1s the telco can support with these switches and the trunk?
C. 28
10. A customer ordered a full T1 leased line between two sites. The telco implemented that leased line in its network using the T-carrier technology discussed in this chapter, with DS1, DS2, and DS3 lines plus switches that use time-division multiplexing (TDM) logic. Into which of the following general WAN categories does this service fit?
B. Packet switching
11. A telco customer orders a leased line

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