NT1310 Unit 10 Lab 1 Building A New Structure- Problem Analysis

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NT1310 Unit 10 Lab 1 05/28/13 Building A New Structure- Problem Analysis Troubleshooting fiber Fiber optic cable was once reserved for high-performance needs, but today it’s turning up in all kinds of networks. If you’re familiar with copper cable, you’ll quickly discover that fiber optic cable is a completely different animal. Not only is the installation process different for fiber, but also the troubleshooting process. Fiber optic cable is also far more fragile than copper cable, so there are more potential causes of trouble. I’ll discuss common fiber optic cable problems and how to diagnose and repair them. The most common causes of fiber optic malfunctionsAnyone who’s ever done network troubleshooting knows it’s a…show more content…
If something like that can destroy a copper cable, imagine what could happen to a fiber cable, which is made out of glass. Has anyone, such as the telephone company, been performing any work in the building? This may seem like a strange question to ask, but it’s my experience that network problems often coincide with visits from the phone company. I’ve had phone company technicians cut cables, disconnect cables, and do just about anything else that you can imagine. I won’t pretend to understand the logic behind this behavior, but if you’re having network problems and someone tells you that someone was in the building doing phone or electrical work yesterday, then you’ve got a good place to start your troubleshooting. Has the cable been stepped on, had a chair rolled over it, or suffered any other physical stress? It never fails to amaze me what end users will admit to when you ask the right questions. If you ask a user in a nonthreatening manner about any physical stress that the cable might have endured, they’ll usually tell you. Remember that most users have no idea that a fiber cable can be destroyed if stepped on or bent too sharply, or if they roll a chair over it. A quick-and-dirty test Time is usually a critical factor when I’m troubleshooting an on-site problem. Users need to be back online quickly, and I usually have plenty of other jobs waiting. Because of this, I try to diagnose the problem as quickly as

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