NT1310: Week 1 Data on Fixed Line vs. Cellular Debate

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Wired Viruses Cellular Networks While the majority of end user these days have hand held cellular devices, many of them think it ends there. Most cellular calls still end up utilizing the fixed wires that have been installed worldwide. While cellular coverage can degrade and is even non-existent in some areas of the United States, the copper cables and fiber that have been installed since the late over the last century plus are there to pick up these users. When first thinking of fixed line networks they think of the coaxial cable (coax) which connects to their television and twisted pair terminated with a RG-11 plug for their phones and faxes. There two variation of coax that are used in networking, thicknet (RG8) and thinnet…show more content…
This is actually destroying economies if you actually compare the cost of communication from 1980 to what we pay today in 2014. It is an astronomical difference. As for the security aspect of these devices and the earlier referenced fixed line networks, there is really no comparison. The encryption from a cellular phone to a tower does not exist. It is a plain text signal that can be intercepted by anyone scanning that particular radio frequency. This is why cellular phone spoofing is such an issue, though cellular phone companies have tried to combat this with unique sim cards and IMEI numbers, these can still be intercepted identified and spoofed. With fixed line networks they can be secured in layers and also files can produce cyclic redundancy codes if there is an error. With AES 256 encryption data can be so secure that by the time it is decrypted the data has become obsolete. With encryption and decryption comes latency on networks and overall performance of computers, but you get the peace of mind that the data is protected and is in its original form. While I do not like the lack of security for cellular networks the need is very apparent. For a company to choose either a completely fixed line network or completely cellular network is a horrible argument. There is a need for both in any business. Many laptop computers these days incorporate a slot for a SIM card to be inserted to allow the device to access mobile networks. For a new company

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