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Topic 1 Level 1 Internal components of a computer. a. CPU b. GPU c. Motherboard d. Power supply e. RAM Level 2 explain in simple terms the I/O process a. You input information perhaps via a keyboard or mouse to the computer and you receive output via a monitor or printer or some such device Level 3 You type “abcd” but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you go about resolving this issue? a. Check cables (physical layer first) b. Update print drivers (didn’t solve) c. Make the wrong driver is installed. d. If nothing works perhaps the printer is defective Topic 2 Level 1 What is the OSI model? a. 7 layered model Physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application. Level 2 Use…show more content…
List at least 3 possible reason that would explain this situation? 1. No log in credentials (no log in or password) 2. Desktop not connected to the domain 3. No physical connection 4. Wrong password 5. Domain down 6. Trying to join the wrong domain Topic VI Windows Server Level 1: Identify the functions a windows server could provide from a small business / home office environment. Please include the server roles in your answer. Web, email, print Level 2: Explain how to configure a windows server for a small business network so that it may provide reliable logical connectivity among clients, printers, mobile devices and other networked devices please include the server version in your answer. Install ADDS, install DNS, DHCP, print/file services, create domain, Level 3: Users on a Windows server network are reporting that they can’t access external websites nor receive external emails. They are unable to use the networked printers and access internally hosted files, the router connects to the ISP may be pinged from the workstations, the website in question are accessible from the smart phone via the 4G network. Analyze the process one world adopt to troubleshoot and suggest the possible cause. Please include the server role in your answer. Firewall, ISP could be down, DNS not resolving to IP addresses Topic VII: Active Directory 1. Level 1

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