NVQ Bus Admin unit 4

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At National Extension College, my role consists of being the first point of contact with customers who wish to enquire about our courses and/or enrol in our courses. I am expected to answer any queries and guide prospective students through the process of enrolment.
Customer Service takes an important stand in any business and it is essentially what my role revolves around. The first thing I do every morning is to turn on my computer and log into ‘Agent’ (the software we use to keep track of the time me and my colleagues spend on call and the type of enquiry it is), this way I can ensure that no Customer Advice calls will be lost as I will be readily available to answer any calls that come through.
Being the first point of contact, it
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Before the call is over, it is important that I use cues such as “I hope my answer was helpful” or “Have you got any more questions?” as these usually lead to customer feedback of the customer service provided by myself. I then thank the customer for calling and remind the customer to feel free to call at any time if he finds that he wants further information.
The feedback provided by a customer at the end of each phone call is essential as it helps improve the way we conduct phone calls and it also helps identify any problems with any of my sources of information or information that may be lacking.
When I find that a few prospective students call and they have the same query and I cannot thoroughly answer it, I ask my colleagues or my manager for the information; if they are not sure either, I then ask the relevant course co-ordinator and take a note of the information for future reference.
In preparation for taking the role of replying to customer queries through the telephone, I have put together a guide to courses and notes with all the information about all the courses that National Extension College provides, all the registration fees that apply to the relevant courses, terms and conditions and all the relevant payment plans for each course. This ensures
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