NVQ level 3 unit 68

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  68.1 Understanding the principles of person centred assessment and care planning. 1.1 Explain the importance of a holistic approach and planning of care or support. One of the essential aspects of planning care services is to have a holistic approach to planning and provision. This means recognising that all parts of person life will have an impact on their care needs and that you need to look beyond what you see when you meet them for the first time. The idea of person centred planning comes from the valuing people 2001 white paper. It contains some broad principles that are of relevance to work with all people. Key principles of person centred planning assessment art that. The person is at the centre Family and…show more content…
Make sure they know the different results which could come from the meeting so that they will not be surprised by any of the decisions that could be made. Explain to them that there could be a range of options for the meeting to consider. You may need to work with advocate who is acting on behalf of the person, or you may need to consider engaging an independent advocate in order that the person wishes can be effectively understood and explained at the meeting. Your agency may have a procedure for engaging advocates. Where necessary make practical arrangements for a person to attend. This could include ensuring accessibility of the meeting room, providing transport where necessary, or providing translation or other communication assistance. 1.3 Describe ways the assessment and planning process or documentation can be adapted to maximise an individual ownership and control of it. One page profiles and action plan. An effective way to identify somebody 's needs and wishes leading to a full and Persian centred action plan is to complete a one page profile with them. One page profile can be developed generally or around a specific area, such as their health, they provide the person and others with an at a glance snapshot of the most important aspects of the person life. You can support a person to put together a one page profile in two ways. By gathering and recording the information with the person bit by bit in stages By collecting the information when the person and

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