Na Kari Rose Short Story

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From the moment Na'Kari Rose was born, she had always been a hassle. She ran the halls, scribbled the walls and pooped her draws. She didn't let anyone hold her except her father, King Quentin She would follow him everywhere, to the meetings, on expeditions, even into town. She was made into a natural leader. She helped her father were he failed nd picked him up when he would lose hope. Rose felt as if she was born into the wrong body when her father told her she could never lead without a man by her side. He shattered her dreams of ruling like him, and decided that she should be a "lady" like her mother. As if she was born knowing her mother was a no-good-two-timing-gold-digging-female-dog-of-a woman she caught mom red-handed. When Baby Rose…show more content…
Her father didn't look her way and her mother made her life h___. One day it got so bad that her snarky replies didn't do the same trick anymore. She stormed out the castle in disguise and didn't come back for weeks. On her vacation away from home, she found the famous Ovarrothage Tavern. It had been late at night and the big, one story building's shined the midnight sky. Looking for warmth, she walked in and the smell of alcohol engulfed her. What caught her eye had been the table to her right, meaty men bombarded the table as the four sitting around it threw poker chips in the center. Watching from afar, she studied every move the strangers made. As quick as she blinked one man stood and cheered as he dragged all the chips of the others towards him. On the table his cards showed two king of spades. The men around either congratulated him or scowled. Her legs moved towards the table without her consent, and she was sitting down before she realized it. The men glared at her as if she was a disease infested rodent. Some muttered, hatred spewing after every word they spoke. Unfazed, Na'Kari pulled out two hundred bucks from her book bag and silenced them all rather quickly. Slightly irritated, the guy to her left shuffled the cards and dishes them out. She couldn't admit to her lack of knowledge and lost all her money five minutes in. They laughed, but not at her iodiocy, yet at her bravery and her stubbornness. When closing time
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