Na Meeting Analysis

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Laura Byrd
Reflection Paper
Addiction and Obsession
Soc. 301

Upon entering the NA meeting I had mixed feelings. I didn’t know how to come to the meeting knowing my intentions were neither to give nor receive help. I felt like I was an intruder. I didn’t understand why I should betray others or act as if I was an addict who chose not to interact in the healing and recovering process. All of those things pushed me into the door of a meeting and open my mind to the hurt behind the physical appearance of these people. Their stories were heart wrenching. They all wanted help or do be noticed at some point of their lives before they became addicts. Never knowing the decisions they chose to take that first hit would turn their
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I then interpreted this and thought hope that tomorrow is better than today and that yesterday won’t reoccur. Those who have been clean for long periods of time still attend meetings because they too have vulnerable moments. These meetings are hope for them as well. Hope that they continue living in sobriety. Hope that one day their story can change the path of someone’s life before they are introduced to a drug that can alter their future. Then there was prayer. I never thought there would be a prayer mostly because of all the different religions. However, everyone seemed to take in what was being delivered spiritually. The members left the meeting full. They were full of encouragement and spiritual nourishment. This support group also helped its members by issuing, those who wanted one, a sponsor. This sponsor would take on the big brother big sister role and aid in the recovering process. They would be on-call and available to assist the member because there are many trigger’s that may result in relapse. This experience has changed the way I see those who haven’t had enough and those who haven’t found away out of the addicted world. I’ve learned there is more to a person than their appearance and in these cases there is a lot of hurt and anger in their souls. Even after recovery some people still carry around guilt and anger. Some are ashamed because they let something affect them in a way in which they lost control. Others are angry at
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