Nabi And Rbi Case Study

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NAB; So you believe, that from what you saw and heard on the FBI vid, Finicum committed SBC. {Have you or do you work for some secret arm of the Federal Sight, Sound and Clairvoyance Department?}
He was acting aggressively. How? The FBI agents most likely told him to get out of the truck. Which he did. Then told him to move away from the truck and put his hands in the air. Again he complied. While standing in the snowbank, they told him to turn around with his hand in the air. This is standard police practice, for you want to see all sides of him. {Here is were your uncanny hearing ability must come into play.}
You say he was acting aggressively, moving in a circle. Then you say, “He did reach into his jacket several times.” {With your
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