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May 2, 2011 History of Nabisco Incorporated Nabisco Food Groups has been one of the widely known names in the food industry. Nabisco is among the world’s largest manufacturers of cookies and crackers. Nabisco Brands was formed in 1981 through a merger of Nabisco and Standard Brands. In 1985 R.J. Reynolds Industries acquired Nabisco brands in one of the largest takeovers in business history. In earlier years the company was called N.B.C. In 1941 the company took on the name Nabisco, but it was in 1971 when the name became the official corporate name. The National Biscuit Company resulted from a merger in 1898 of the midwestern American Biscuit Company whom
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During the Depression sales slowed down. Some new products helped boost company sales during this time. In 1931 N.B.C. took over the Bennett Biscuit Company and concentrated on its most popular product line, Milk Bone Dog Biscuits, originally marketed as a dog’s desert. In 1934 N.B.C. met with the great success when it launched Ritz Crackers as a new prestige item. In 1941 the letters N.B.C. in the official trademark were exchanged for the word Nabisco. The change was part to reduce confusion with the recently established National Broadcasting Company. During World War II Nabisco was again faced with the problem of rationed flour, butter, sugar, and oil. Recipes were altered and substitutes were used. This was a troubled time for Nabisco. During the Depression, Nabisco had neglected many capital improvements, and many bakeries were outdated and in need of renovation. In 1945 the Nabisco board elected the young and energetic George Coopers as president. Due to Coopers new attitude he began to modernize Nabisco’s bakeries. Within ten years Coopers had spent more than $150 million renovating old plants and building new ones. The reconstruction program culminated in 1958 with the opening of an ultra-modern bakery and research center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. In the 1950’s was the beginning of overseas expansion for Nabisco. The company formed
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