Nacl2 Lab Report

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To determine each solution's freezing point certain methods and materials were used. First, two weighing boats were labeled NaCl and CaCl2. Each weigh boat was placed on the scale to calculate the initial weight of the boats. 2.0g of sodium chloride was added to the boat labeled NaCl and reweighed. The same was done for CaCl2, then the freezing point apparatus was assembled. Using a 600mL beaker filled with ¾ full of ice, the remainder of NaCl was poured into the beaker and mixed. The thermometer was placed into the ice bath beaker until it became -10C. Four test tubes were labeled 1-4. For test tube 1, a 100mL graduated cylinder was used to measure 15mL of water and then poured into tube 1. After the temperature reached -10C, the thermometer
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